Frequently asked questions

What is Zero Waste?

In simple terms, it's about recycling, reusing and composting everything we use so that nothing ends up in landfill. Of course, we know this is not so simple when every supermarket uses plastic packaging for fresh and dried food, and our online deliveries arrive in bubble wrap! Zero Waste has been described as a movement, because people are finally understanding the consequences of where our waste ends up, and it's moving consumers to change their habits and behaviours. Our goal is to change the system. By challenging the "norms" of how we buy goods and get rid of waste, we can start challenging the rules and demand more accountability from our waste services, government and economy.

But what about recycling?

While recycling is definitely a great option for utilising our waste products, the system is simply too overwhelmed to cope with the amount of rubbish we as a nation provide. Currently there are recycling plants all over the UK redirecting over half of the waste they receive to landfill. While this is obviously completely unacceptable, it seems there are currently no government guidelines on how we can combat this issue going forward, nor accountability for the recycling plants. If you haven't watched The War on Plastic, take a look at the video or catch up on iPlayer for a better understanding of the situation.

How can I help?

If we all recognise that we are a part of the problem, we can start making small changes to our daily habits. Start small! - bring your own cup with you when you buy coffee out and about. - make sure you always have a resuable bag in your bag for any unforeseen purchases. - refuse plastic! Say no to plastic straws, cups and packaging. - shop with us! Bring any containers you have to buy your dried goods, use a reusable bag for produce, and try our eco toiletries and household items.

What else can I do?

Follow us on Social Media and watch out for our blogs! We share the newest eco products, ways to reduce your plastic consumption, inspirational groups and people leading the way in Zero Waste. Tell your friends and family too! Every person that decides to make a change is another person reducing their plastic waste and reducing the amount of landfill.

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