Made from 100% Cotton, Rice and Lavender from Castle Farm Sevenoaks and Downderry Hadlow with a tiny amount of Vegan friendly essential oils. These scented rice bags are fantastic for placing over the eyes for a comforting ‘weight’ to relieve stress, tension, to help relax and unwind, ease headaches, use for mindfulness and enjoy the scent of beautiful lavender known for its relaxing properties. Lavender is also widely used to relieve anxiety and aid getting to sleep. They make great gifts.

The rice bags can also be gently heated in the microwave to relieve aches and pains or cooled in the freezer to relieve inflammation and swelling. To heat: We recommend heating on medium for 30 seconds intervals, shaking and turning over until the desired temperature is reached (maximum of two minutes). Do not use if you smell burning. To cool: Keep the rice bag in the freezer until needed. The rice bag will shape to the body and will hold the cold for around 20 minutes.

The Green team Local Lavender Rice Bag - Small

  • Contains 100% Cotton, Rice, Lavender and vegan friendly essential oils.

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