Delicate and smooth with a floral nose, giving way to subtle honeycomb and roast cobnuts on the palate. A long finish with raisin and oak in the finish and a sweet, full mouthfeel. Certainly no sugared and aggressively spiced rum. Expect something ridiculously smooth, with a sweet character and no harshness. It's a complex spirit with a sophistication characteristic of all our releases.

Made following anethic of using surplus produce as much as possible, in line with environmental practices. Made with 100% renewable power and no chemicals.


40% ABV


You must be over 18 to purchase this product. Our delivery drivers have the right to request ID upon delivery and refuse to leave the product if this cannot be obtained.

Greensand Ridge Wealden Rum

  • May contain, or contain traces of, floral botannicals, honeycomb an cobnuts.

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