Our wax wraps are just as awesome (actually, quite a little bit more) than regular wax wraps because – they’re vegan!! Not a single bee (or any other little creature) was harmed or upset in the process and that makes us very happy indeed 

We make our wax wraps with 100% cotton then we bake them in Candelilla Wax, a little bit of Pine Resin, a dollop of Jojoba Oil and a tiny pinch of Soy (all food safe). They make a fantastic alternative to single use cling film and foil. Not only that, they are so bright and beautiful, they cheer up any kitchen or packed lunch box.


Set of three wraps.

Green Team Vegan Friendly Candelilla Wax Food Wraps, set of 3

  • Contains 100% cotton, Candelilla Wax, Pine Resin, Jojoba Oil and Soy (all food safe).

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