This is for anyone who wishes to purchase a children's meal to give to someone in need, created after the government refused to allow vulnerable children access to free lunches during the holidays. You can now choose to purchase a Zero It token online as well as in store. This purchases a children's sandwich and veg pot for £2.85 (we've rounded down the 50% off) and we will keep a note in our book to be passed on.Anyone who comes into store and would like to utilise these tokens is welcome to. Just ask when ordering if there's a Zero It available. We won't ask questions, and will happily provide you with a children's meal of your choosing.Any tokens not used will be kept on the books for use until Christmas, where we will then create Christmas veg boxes with any remaining funds to be donated to families in need.Please choose collection at checkout so a delivery fee is not incurred.

Zero It - Kids sandwich and veg pot


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