who we are

We are Holly and Charlotte - friends and business partners with a vision! We want to create a space that encourages the community to come together and shop smartly, ethically and locally.

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holly watson

charlotte bowyer

Holly is the self-confessed hippy of the partnership! She has two children, Willow and Fox, and along with her husband Tom enjoy a vegetarian lifestyle. A recent convert to a plastic-free lifestyle, Holly is by no means perfect, but her passion and creativity mean she is always willing to try new products and ideas.

Charlotte (Lottie) is the outdoorsy one! She grew up on a farm and has 2 horses and 2 dogs, and her dream is to have a smallholding of rescued animals! Lottie is married to Dan and they have two children, Kit and Mimi. She is incredibly passionate about living a zero-waste life, and wants to show others how to do the same by changing small habits to create big changes. 

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