zero kitchen

The Zero Kitchen is the newest edition to our offering and is where our fight on food waste really comes into its own. We are working with local partners throughout Tunbridge Wells to combat any potential food waste by taking fresh produce that would otherwise be thrown away, and making it into delicious, healthy and nutritious food! 


Our kitchen is headed up by our in house chef Jennifer Laing, who has an exceptional 18 years in the business and offers a wealth of knowledge, whether it's recipe creation and execution, cake making or catering on a large scale. Her passion to eliminate food waste is one of the reasons we brought her into our team during 2020 - she has a deep understanding of the pitfalls that many restaurants and food suppliers fall into with regard to how much food is wasted, as well as the unnecessary packaging and general waste of a commercial kitchen. Her attitude to wastage (or lack of) is incredible to see, and we are very proud to be at the forefront of the zero waste kitchen movement. 


cake ordering

We offer bespoke celebration cakes made to order - perfect for a special occasion!

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